Saturday, April 2, 2011

A 4 year-old construction party

Today was Lil D's party.

He had a VERY strong opinion about what his party should be like. In the past I have done whatever I want...but not this year. After much discussion, he decided on trucks...specifically construction trucks....

We headed to the party store and he picked out all sorts of construction truck decor which worked out great. He also informed me at the party store that we needed a pinata. I told him which he stated, "mom...every party needs a pinata". I don't know what parties he's going to...but we aren't buying a pinata.

I found a great cake online with a construction truck theme (on one of those best cake sites) and Lil D loved it, so I tried to duplicate it...I did my best:)

I'll post details in another post, I learned a few things...I think I will share them.

All the party supplies I got at Zurchers. One thing I know, kids do not appreciate decor, especially 3, 4 and 5 I would rather spend a few bucks then my time on making my own. Just my opinion.

We went through all of Lil D's toys and found lots of construction cars/trucks. We also brought out the tool bench and his tools to add to the construction theme.

Home Depot was kind enough to give me free aprons for the kids...awesome!

For one of our activities, I found this fake wood styrofoam stuff. So I decided to have the kids make a tool box. Mr. T cut out all the pieces ahead of time. We decided that once the kids were ready to build we would actually hot glue the tool box together and then have them hammer the nails into the already constructed tool box. I'm so glad we did. Those nails are not easy to hammer in and I think we would have had some frustrated little ones if they were trying to hammer separate pieces. I also found little fake tools at a local party store and so they had a little treasure hunt to find tools for their tool boxes. I added a mini tape measure and some handy manny fruit snacks to their tool boxes to go home.

They turned out super cute!
Then we played what Dallin says are "party games"..."duck duck goose", which had to be said "duck duck truck" by orders of the birthday boy...and pin the stop sign on the construction site...which all the kids cheated on and every one of them got it right on...silly.

It was a really fun party...I think all the kids had a good time. It was fun to have Lil D be such a big participator in the planning, buying and even helping make the cake.

We'll see what he comes up with next year!


Jamie said...

It is always fun when they have their own opinions!! And yes it is easier just to spend a few dollars because they really don't care :).

Heather said...

Your ideas for this birthday party are so cute! I am planning a construction themed party for our 4 year-old in a couple of weeks. I loved the toolboxes you put together and wondered if you might be willing to share where you found the materials for them and/or what brand it was, etc. I would love to do that at our party:-) Thanks!

Mama Thompson said...

Heather--thanks for the comment...I hope you check back and read this. I got all the supplies for the tool boxes at Toys R us. I bought the starter kit and a few extra sets of the "wood" and "screws". We made one at home a few days before and then we cut out all the pieces before hand and put them in bags as kits. We actually hot glued them together with each kid and then had them put the screws in...seemed to make it a lot simpler and easier for the kids.

I hope that helps. If you have any other questions email me so I can respond directly to you!

Have fun at your party!

Heather said...

Thanks so much for your response!

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