Monday, May 16, 2011

Progress report...

24 weeks tomorrow
(but who's counting?)

It's been a very busy couple of days...

The yard is planted and ready for spring to really come...let's be honest...we missed spring...c'mon summer:) I planted 3 flower beds and my garden (after spreading soil pep with a neighbor family...they totally saved me:)...grow little tomatoes grow!

Mr. T installed the closet organizer in the baby room. Then he changed out the light in our bathroom...which included lots of patching and making of new holes since we had to install the new light higher up. Then I painted everything up so he could hang the new light...bye-bye light bar. And then he installed new black-out levelor (cellular) shades in Lil D's room and the baby room...they are fantastic!

I am currently overhauling Lil D's room, so it doesn't have to be messed with again for a few years. There are some things that (I'm embarrassed to admit) have not been "finished" since we originally did his nursery 4 1/2 years ago...but as of today, it is all completed and then some.
-removed shelves
-patched holes
-repainted top of room
-caulked the chair rail
-repainted the chair rail
-patched and painted around the window to be ready for new blind, which was then installed.
-removed closet doors and replaced them with curtains.

It's kind of fun...because his room is back to a clean slate. All that is left is to decorate...but he can't decide between dinosaurs, motorcycles, animals, or construction things. I told him he had to pick one...I'm leaning towards dinosaurs...we will see.

Here's hoping I have pictures to post in the next few weeks...

What's still on the to do list:
-beadboard in the baby room....then decor
-new baseboards throughout the upstairs and basement...with carpet to follow
-crown molding in the master bedroom, which is painted and I'm hopeful will be up by the end of the week.
**Minor things right:) Good thing I love to do home projects!


Jamie @ It's a Morris Thing said...

Is this what nesting looks like?? Good luck!!

Unguren said...

Grow little tomatoes grow...grow little baby grow. Lots of growing to do at your house.

Katie @ BurbTales said...

Wow, you have definitely been busy! I'm so impressed you're getting all this done! My list is a mile long, but we've been gone or had overnight guests almost every weekend for about a month. Whew. Way to go - you're inspiring me! :)

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