Thursday, June 23, 2011

Maternity clothing ramblings and a dress revamp

I try not to complain about anything pregnancy related...
because I am just so grateful that I am pregnant.
But let's be real here...maternity clothes are a RIP OFF!

The last (and first) time I was pregnant, I bought myself a nice little maternity wardrobe.
You would hope that you would be able to reuse those clothes in future pregnancies.
Nope. Not me.

Pregnancy #1 I was working full time therefore I bought lots of trousers and dress shirts.
Pregnancy #2 I'm a stay at home mom with no need for trousers or dress shirts.

Pregnancy #1 I was big pregnant right through winter.
Pregnancy #2 I am big pregnant right through summer.

Pregnancy #1 I started my pregnancy at 170 pounds.
Pregnancy #2 I started my pregnancy at 145 pounds.

Let's just say that not a single clothing item has been able to be recycled.
Awesome right?:)

I have 2 main issues with maternity clothing...the length and the price.
Attention maternity clothing designers:
I don't like my fat pregnant thighs shown to the world
I don't like paying more for clothing I can only wear for 3 months then clothes I wear the rest of my life.

So I've done my best to wear regular clothes for as long as possible. Here are the non-maternity clothes I am loving:

-Downeast clothing has great shirts...I have their cap sleeve t's in about every color and they still that.
-Athleta is one of my new fav clothing lines. I have 2 of their dresses and could wear them up to a month ago...they are super comfortable and cute. I also bought a skirt that I am currently wearing and will be able to wear the whole pregnancy...and then when I am back to my normal size it will still fit. I'd wear it every day if people wouldn't notice. The beauty of athleta is (not just their super cute clothes) that I can buy talls...which means no fat thighs hanging out.
-Maxi dresses...from anywhere...they love non pregnant and pregnant bellys!

I have had to break down and buy some maternity items. I found these shorts and LOVE them. I have bought a few things from Motherhood Maternity...a pair of capris and a dress. And I have found a few things at Old Navy. I have been able to find some great deals...but the length issues remains.

Which brings me to my dress revamp.
I am NOT a seamstress...
but I can sew well enough to make pillows and add fabric to a dress:)

I bought this dress from Old Navy (online) for $15. When it arrived it was just a bit too short for my liking. I just want my thighs covered...c'mon is that too much for my 7 month body to ask for?

So I found some fabric at Joanns that I thought would not only help me lengthen the dress but add a little something to it. I cut the fabric into 6 inch strips, folded it in half and stitched it to the bottom of the dress.

I think it turned out just fine.
Yes, it's a jersey dress and that bottom fabric is not...oh's only 3 months.

I'm just glad that I have another dress to get me through this hot summer and my thighs can be cool without having to bare themselves to the world:)

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Unguren said...

The dress looks great. I do that all the time to my dresses. What can I say...I like to be modest.

I found when I was pregnant with Penny that the best place to find pregnancy clothes was at Target. You just look in the regular clothes for a top that is long has little or no structure or an empire waist then buy it in a size or two bigger than what you normally would. Ta da. Cheaper maternity clothes.

Old navy right now also has some jersey skirts that would be good to wear below the baby bump. Good luck!

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