Wednesday, June 22, 2011

For the love of dinosaurs

Lil D is only 4 and his room has just undergone it's 3rd makeover...
I think we are done (for now:)
His nursery was painted light blue on top and chocolate brown on the bottom and we added a chair rail at the height of the window. I made the blue and brown valance. My mom made the large cushion for the window seat. His bedding was monkey themed, so we had monkeys around the room.

When Lil D turned 2 we moved him into a big boy bed. We bought the headboard off of craig's list for about $20. The dresser we already had. You can see their makeovers here.
I took down the monkey stuff and we added some cars. The main colors of his nursery were blue and we added some lime green and orange. I found the bedding at Target.

2 years later...and it was time for another update. Mostly I needed to get rid of the shelving on the walls. Mr. Active was bound to knock them off at some point. So I removed everything from the walls, patched the holes and gave the blue a new coat of paint.

Then we added dinosaurs...'cause Dino Dan has brainwashed my child...and taught him A LOT!

The main changes are just in the decor...details are listed below.


-The first change was removing the closet doors and hanging curtains (from Target), which allowed more space at the end of his bed where we added change #2...a bookshelf...(also from Target). Then bins are from Home Depot.

-I bought the magnet board at The Wood Connection and hung it with green grosgrain ribbon. I bought some little toy dinos at Joanns and glued magnets to them so he could hang "his stuff" as he requested.

-I cut out the vinyl dinosaurs using this cricut cartridge. Lil D HAD to pick out the colors and which dinosaurs we would cut out...he had a lot of opinions about this part. Lucky for me the colors he chose are the colors of his room:)

-The dinosaur pics I took at Utah's Hogle zoo...they are part of their "Zoorassic" summer exhibit. Lil D HATED them in person, but LOVES the pictures of them. They are 12X12 (printed at Costco) and mounted to white foam board. I wanted to just see the pics and I wanted to mount them without putting holes in my walls so I used some reusable sticky mounting squares.

-The picture wall. I bought the white frames from a thrift store (they weren't white) and painted them white. I bought the shadow box frame at Joanns (which holds his blessing outfit, including the slippers made by my mom) and I bought the other frame from Roberts Arts and Crafts. It is actually for school pics from 1st grade on up...but I used it for the monthly pics I took of Lil D his first year of life. The letters for his name I made shortly after he was born (from The Wood Connection) and I mounted them using the 3M velcro strips.

Other items that were made previously, but we are still using:

***his room got new baseboards and carpet like the rest of the house. I also bought a black out cellular shade from works great!

We are loving the new look and all those silly dinosaurs!


AJ said...

You are so clever with all your smart ideas! it looks great!

Tauja Catchings said...

Great job on the room re-do! I absolutely love your color choices,bedding & window seat-what a lucky kid!

Plus, I had to laugh at the number of times you've already done your little guy's room-I'm the same way!

I'm one of your newest followers!

Jamie @ It's a Morris Thing said...

I love it, the dinosaur pictures and vinyl are great.

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Great job! Lovin' the blue and brown.

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