Friday, July 22, 2011

Ready for baby...

September 2005
We moved into our home...this room was this color yellow.
We stuck our guest room furniture in there and called it good.

March 2009
The guest room was moved to the basement and this room became the
"baby stuff storage room"
(in the hopes another baby would someday join our little family)

Then we did a whole lot of work...which gets us to...
July 2011

I still have 7 weeks left...but this tired body is HAPPY that this room is done.
I'll post more pictures soon...with a few details about some things.

By the way...I'm IN LOVE with this room:)


Kirsty said...

Oh it is so wonderful and I can just feel your excited anticipation. What a lovely time-so happy for you and great job on the beautiful nursery!

Unguren said...

You should be proud because it is just so cute!

Carol said...

Wow, what an adorable nursery!! You and David (and Dallin) have done an amazing job, and I love the colors. Can't wait for the little person to arrive so he can enjoy all your hard work. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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