Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nursery wall art

I love the stripes in the nursery...but it has left me with 2 big walls of stripes that need to be broken up and filled with some fun art/pictures.

Project #1:
animal alphabet collage

I had everything for this project except some white paper for the backing, so I spent $1 on a roll of white wrapping paper and spray glued it to the backing of the frame...that's it!

Then I took some chip board letters leftover from this project and laid them out on the wrapping paper.

Then I cut out safari animals using my cricut and zooballo cartridge...just their silhouette...and put them next to their appropriate letter.

I spray painted the letters and frame brown and then glued everything on the paper...

and put it all together.

Project #2:
Pregnancy pictures shadow box.

I bought a shadow box at Joanns for 1/2 price and spray painted it brown. Then I put self adhesive corkboard on the back of the frame and covered it in white fabric.
Using the button straight pins, I put together a collage of pregnancy pictures and ultrasound pictures.

After little baby boy's baby blessing, I will change out this shadow box with his blessing outfit, like I did with Lil D.

Project #3:

I saw these frames at Shanty 2 Chic and I knew they were the perfect way to round out my wall of art/pictures. I bought 3 frames at Walmart for $3 a piece and spray painted them brown. I spray glued the leftover fabric from the nursery pillows to the glass and then hot glued the spray painted clips to each frame.

I decided to put pics of Lil D helping with the nursery makeover in the frames for now...sooner then later, we can put little baby boy's face in those frames.

After lots of spray paint, glue and nails...
Here it nursery wall o' art and pictures.

The blank space will be filled with little baby boy's initial once he is here and has a name. And the other blank frame will hold his monthly pictures. I think it will be fun to watch it fill up each month.

I LOVE how it turned out.


Jamie @ It's a Morris Thing said...

It is adorable!! I love the alphabet letter collage, so cute.

AJ said...

You are so freaking amazing. I need to hire you to come up with cute ideas for my "office" and spare room. Of course all my house needs help, but those are the rooms I want to start with. Your talents never cease!

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