Friday, August 5, 2011

baby item seat cover

I decided this little one (32 days and counting) needed one of those infant car seat covers. Since he is coming at the start of fall and will be a little one through the winter, as much as I can alleviate "strangers" hands on him in public the better. Shopping for fabric was hard for me. I didn't want anything "babyish" and all the fabrics I found in "boy colors" were still "girly prints"...frustrating. I finally decided on a gray/blue/pale yellow print. Bonus, it matches my diaper bag...

To make the cover, I used this tutorial from Sutton Grace.

It was so simple.
(yep, stripes on the inside)

(oh, and I didn't even realize that it has some of the same colors as the car seat...that's what you get for packing the car seat away for 3 years and forgetting what it looks like.)

After making the cover, I even took apart the cart seat, washed the seat fabric and wiped down the seat...check another task off the list.


Courtney said...

Really cute! I made a quilted one of these for winter and it was great! Can't believe I lived without one for my first! Wow one month, how exciting!

Erin said...

so cute! i love the fabric you chose!

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