Monday, August 8, 2011

baby item #3...nursing cover

I'm not gonna lie...I am pretty sneaky when it comes to breast feeding in public with no one the wiser. Yep, totally fed Dallin, when he was 9 months old, while standing in line to ride on Pirates of the Caribbean...even my family didn't realize...tee hee!

This time I figured I could at least make something to cover myself up...incase I'm not as good this go round :) Besides, I have been loving this fabric for a few months, but had no reason to buy 'bout a nursing cover...perfect reason.

Her tutorial was super easy to follow...and even though I say my sewing skills are not that fantastic...I feel like it looks like I bought it from a store...I'm giving Abby all the credit for keeping the tutorial thanks!

I love it!

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