Monday, August 1, 2011

Farmer's Market finds

When my sisters came to town a week or so ago, we hit the Salt Lake City Farmer's market.
I love this market...there are so many amazing crafters...and yummy food.

We spent lots and lots of time looking at all the beautiful jewelry...
and of course we picked up a few pieces along the way.

Our favorite booth was this amazing jewelry designer, Cynthia Wainscott.
Her little company is called Exotic Peru and she can be found on Etsy.
She also does in-home shows.
I bought this gorgeous necklace from her...

She even changed the clasp for me so I can wear the necklace at different lengths.
She is so sweet and super talented.

We also spent a long time looking at the amazing glass jewelry of Sarinda Jones of Reflective Art Studio. My two older sisters bought necklaces from her as well. I fell in love with her table sculptures...she had one in greens and blues that was amazing. If you are going to be in Utah in the next few months, you must go see her stuff in person.

There was one more booth that we all were loving, Wildflowers by Heather. These necklaces caught our attention immediately...

But she also has tons and tons of beautiful glass beads for necklaces and bracelets. Another must check out...

It was such a fun day...and I'm thinking I may have to sneak back down there to pick up a few more things...and maybe find some new favorites!

Do you have a farmer's market you love to shop at?


Jamie @ It's a Morris Thing said...

I think I need to join you one Saturday!!

AJ said...

I would totally go with you to the Farmers market!

Cynthia Wainscott said...

Hello!!, wow I'm so happy that I founded this post, how sweet of you!!, I'm so glad that you like the necklace it was so nice of you to stop by my booth, just in case I will be on the Old world Christmas Show at the gate way mall from November 25 until December 3 , here is my blog is new , again thank you so much for this lovely post and take care! Cynthia W.

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