Thursday, September 1, 2011

He's here.

Cooper Wade
2:18 pm
8 lbs 9 oz
22 inches

August 29th:
I went to my doctor's appointment nearing 39 weeks. He asked how I was feeling. I told him I was feeling like I wanted to have my baby. He asked when...I said Thursday and he said that would be just fine. Really? That easy? Great.

August 31st:
I got a foot zone (reflexology) done by my neighbor. Wanted to help my body get moving before the induction to hopefully help it all move a little faster.
I was up all that night with contractions. Some were weak and some hurt like crazy. Some came 4 minutes from one another and some 7 to 12 minutes. By 4am I woke up Mr. T to time them (and to have someone up with me) by 5am I finally was able to fall asleep for 12 minutes at a time breathing through the contractions as they came. Through the night, I actually felt that little guy get in a better position. He went from laying across my body to fully up and down.

September 1st:
I woke up around 7:30. The contractions were still coming, but not as often. I got showered and Lil D ready for the day and waited for that call. It wasn't coming. I called at 8:30, to be told that they had a really busy night and there was still 1 person in front of me so it would probably be closer to 11am, if then. I told them about the contractions and they told me that I could come in and be checked and they could possibly "work something out". I was frustrated and Lil D was bouncing off the walls wondering when that baby was going to come. We sent him off to the neighbors and I tried to sleep.
At 10:15 I called my doctor's office. They basically told me the same thing...I could go in and get checked if I wanted to. Mr. T and I went for a walk and then he decided that he would just take me in. I couldn't do a whole other day of this and I figured if I had progressed at all since Monday (3 and 25%) they would admit me since I was scheduled for an induction anyway.
11am: We arrived at the hospital and they checked me in to the delivery room. I had progressed to a 4 and 90%.
12pm: potosin was started and the epidural was going. The contractions immediately started and were 2 minutes apart.
1pm: My doctor came and broke my water. Still a 4.
1:20ish: Mr. T left to get some lunch.
1:30ish: My nurse came in to set things up...I informed her I was filling lots of pressure.
1:40ish: She checked and I was fully dialated...quick call Mr. T back
1:50pm: Mr. T got back and I pushed through 2 contractions. Then I sat through a few more while we waited for my doctor to get downstairs.
2:10ish: I pushed through 4 contractions
2:18pm: Sweet little Cooper was laying on my belly.

I just laid there in amazement! I couldn't believe that it happened so fast.
I'm still in shock that I have a second child...we tried for 3 years...and he is finally here!
I love him!
His brother...LOVES him!
The Thompson family is a pretty happy family right now!
(and in case you are wondering who he looks like...he is a spitting image of Dallin...I'm talking's kinda crazy...guess he definitely belongs to us!)


Tiffany said...


Peace, Love and Chocolate,

Arya said...


Carol said...

It was wonderful hearing the complete story from you, and it sounds like it was great (fast!). Thank you so much for sharing. Cooper is absolutely adorable, and I love all the hair. Can't wait to see him!

Alicia Jones said...

So bummed I couldn't come up and see him!! Glad it went so smoothly. Hope you're all feeling well, I'm sure you're glad to be home :)

Eardley Fam said...

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to you guys!! What a beautiful baby boy. Sounds like a great delivery too.

Katie @ BurbTales said...

He's beautiful! Congratulations!

Erin said...

how lovely! congratulations!!

Courtney said...

Congrats!! What a total cutie!! Sounds like it went quick and so glad all is well!!

Kristin said...

My son is Cooper too!! :) He's beautiful!!!

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