Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Button...Button...who's got the button?

My super talented cousin Hannah made a really cute pillow over a year ago.
I kept telling her I wanted to make one just like it.
Then she made another cute one for Christmas.
Well, just add it to the list.

I was determined to have a button pillow.

And button pillow I made.

Spooky Style!

(if you couldn't guess...I stitched those puppies onto an envelope pillow case)

Can I just say...I will NEVER sew that many buttons onto one thing again.

Brain Damage!

But spooky nonetheless!


Unguren said...

It looks awesome. I love it.

Sewing on the buttons is a tedious task...Sarah asked me to make her one when I first made the tree pillow and I laughed at her.

AJ said...

That is a super-cool pillow. So I guess you are now out of the buisness of making more since it about killed you? It rocks!

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