Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Share #4....button leaf

It's been a long time since I have done a Sunday Share.
I was called as Activity days leader a few months ago,
so hopefully I will have some fun things to share over the next
however many months I'll be doing this :)

After making this pillow, I swore I was done with buttons.
I lied...which isn't necessarily a good trait...oh well!

A friend of mine saw the skull pillow and told me that when she was activity days leader one of her lessons was teaching the girls how to sew on different types of buttons. She said they had a great time. We put the pillow and her idea together and came up with a fun way to learn to sew on buttons...after button...after button.

I found a leaf outline online (looked more like a heart after I drew it on the fabric)
and traced it on some muslin. Then I made the stem a glittery gold.
I did all of this the day before so it was dry and ready for the girls.

I had the girls bring an embroidery hoop so it was easier to sew.
Then using a few packs of fall colored buttons they began to sew.
I was dying at how much fun they were having.
Who knew...sewing buttons can be fun!

This is the end result:

It actually didn't take very long to do all the buttons.
And next time, I would just mix the colors up.
AND...find a pattern that looked less hearty!

But all in all...they had fun and learned a practical skill.


Unguren said...

It's cute. Plus it you could always use it as a Valentine's day decoration too. Multifunctional.

AJ said...

I thought you were DONE with button crafts? Still too cute.

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