Thursday, November 3, 2011

A pink party in a house full of boys.

A gal in my neighborhood is having a baby girl in a couple weeks.
My good friend Jamie and I threw her a baby shower.
It's a lot of fun to do a pink party especially since Jamie and I both have 2 boys.

I made my first ever pennant banner.
Easy and cute!
(do you love the's pom pom cousin had some...I needed some too)

Jamie had the grand idea to make cake balls...lots of them.
Not gonna lie...these took us forever...but we learned lots of things and "next time" it won't take as long. Oh...and they are DELICIOUS!

We also made marshmallows dipped in caramel and then white chocolate...
these are the best treats ever!

and little bottle sugar cookies.

I decided to do pink and silver.
Not tons of decor, but enough.
I even put some cute baby feet in a frame.
(gift table)

I also made some tissue pom poms for the first time.
So easy and so stinkin' cute!

cake balls: lemon, spice, chocolate and mint chocolate
caramel marshmallows
sugar cookies
pumpkin bars
fruit platter with a cream cheese dip
veggie platter with a greek dip
and a salad that Jamie makes and I LOVE...
poppy seed dressing and toffee bits...mmmm

It was a very fun night...thanks Jamie for all the help!

...and by the way...
I've been eating leftover cake balls and marshmallows all day!


AJ said...

will you please host my baby shower? or Bridal shower? Or just my daily shower? You would make it FABULOS. YOU have mad skillz girl!

Unguren said...

I love the pom pom yarn.

Blake said the treats were so good!

Jamie Bailey said...

The cake balls WERE a great idea, until we had to, you know, MAKE them...hahaha! Everything turned out cute, and it was fun to do PINK! I LOVE your decorations!

I got back from Vegas last night, and the first thing I saw were cake balls and marshmallows STILL on my kitchen counter. Guess what I had for breakfast today?

Real Housewife in MN said...

That looks amazing! I love the tissue poms, I totally need to do that sometime. Fun for you to get your pink on for a change!!! :)

Eardley Fam said...

So darling! So yummy too! So I have made those pom-poms before but could never get them to turn out when I made the big ones? Yours are soo cute! What's the trick?

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