Friday, January 6, 2012

My sister's family room wall collage

While I was in Seattle, my sister decided to "employ" me to help her do a mini makeover of her family room. It's kind of been a funky room to figure out what to do with. There's a tv in the room, but no couch. There is a desk (a table we painted to make a desk) that never gets used...and my nephew's toys. She wanted the room to be more of a family room and a place that she and her 9 year-old son could hang out, watch movies, and just chill.

We ditched the table on the street corner with a free sign on it
(it was gone before 9am the next day).
She bought herself a couch.
And we put up a picture collage to make the room feel more warm and inviting.

All of the smaller frames were ones she had.
We bought the larger frames and then sprayed everything brown.
To mix things up...we covered the backing of one of the frames with that super cute fabric, put a blue "J" and a vinyl saying on the wall too.

I really love how it turned out.
I think we may even add a small shelf on the far right side under the picture of their hands.

Now she just needs to switch out some of the older pictures and add some to the empty frame.

As for the rest of the room...
we hid the toys behind the couch.
Left her book shelf where it was, but added a fabric covered frame thing with some clips attached to display some of my nephew's art (that kid LOVES to draw).

For a long narrow room that had way too much going on before, it now feels like a comfy cozy family room. Now we will just have to see how long before she wants to switch things up again!

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AJ said...

I'm a 1pm-er, too. I will be tryig this soon!

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