Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's been 5 years...

I think it's been since the Christmas of 2006, that all 7 of us have been together.

So...a meeting like this deserves a photo op.

The 2 of us on the left live in Utah. The other 3 girls live in the Seattle area. The slouchy boy in the middle (seriously Steve...sit up:) lives in Atlanta and the youngest child over on the far right is in the Navy in sub school in Connecticut. little family has had more pictures taken in the past 4 months then in the past 4 years...
no one was around to hold Lil C during those family shots, and finally there were lots of family members to help out so Mr. T and I finally have a current picture of us as well...and not one that we took ourselves! :)

I sure do love my family!

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