Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Picture collage

Putting holes in the wall to hang pictures stresses me out.
I don't want to put any hole in wrong...cause then well, I'd have a hole in my wall.
I laid out all my pictures on the living room floor and then stared at it for a week.
stress I tell ya!

I finally decided to just put them up.
I traced the frames (all from Ikea) onto some old crappy wrapping paper and taped them up on the wall. Then started measuring, moving, remeasuring and putting in nails.

This is what I ended with.

aside from pictures, I made one of these date things (seen all over Pinterest).

and to fill a space to small for a frame but too big to leave empty,
a big vinyl T.

I really do like how it turned out.
I wish I could get a better picture of my pictures.
but this is the best I got!


Unguren said...

Looks good. I like it.

Jo-Dan said...

I am so annoyed at you. I have been working on my collage wall for about 3 months and am no where near being ready to nail anything...

Alicia said...

Oh gosh! I too am so scared to put nail holes in my walls! But it looks wonderful!

Arya said...

I really love it! I need to get something happening with my stair wall...maybe I might try looks so AH-Mazing!

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