Monday, February 27, 2012

A shower for Coco Bean

I threw a little shower/luncheon for one of my gallies
(the girls I used to work with including my old supervisor who is not a girl:)
She is having a little boy in a few months so we got together to eat and chat and to celebrate her baby belly!

I went super simple using taffy, onsies and a very strange looking teething toy as my center pieces.

I added a little green cardstock and some fabric to make a pseudo table runner.

For food we had some grilled chicken skewars with my favorite marinade.
A yummy spring salad with the best poppy seed dressing my neighbor makes.
Strawberries and apples dipped in a key lime fruit dip (yum!)
A veggie tray with hummus,
and these cute little "caprese bites" that I found on pinterest.

(these are SO simple to make and taste So good)

For dessert I made mini lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.
Last minute I decided to use this trick I learned from Sutton Grace to make "B"s and little rattles.

I had some major drama with some mini key lime cheesecakes and ended up running to my local bakery for some mint brownies. These brownies are my, they have green so they went with my color scheme :)

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