Friday, April 13, 2012

Angry Bird Cupcakes

I had a lot of fun making these cupcakes.
I combined a few ideas I found online and then had to improvise a bit to use what I could find.
I have to say...I'm pretty proud of how great they turned out!

All of the birds were frosted in their main color (I used gel coloring so the colors were nice and vivid) and then dipped in sprinkles of the same color.

The red bird:

hair tuft: red mike and ikes
brow and eye dots: black gel frosting tube
eyes: white choc chips (points in)
tail: black licorice
beak: yellow banana marshmallow thing
I used white tube frosting for his bottom half.

Black bird:

fuse: black licorice dipped in yellow melting chocolate
brows: red frosting in a tube
eyes: same as red bird
beak: same as red bird

Blue bird:
(I made a few mini cupcakes so he could be littler)

hair tuft: blue tic tacs
eyes: same as red and black bird with red tube frosting underneath.
Tail and nose same as red and black bird.

(he might be my favorite)

ears: green M&Ms
nose: marshmallow sliced in half and sprayed with green food spray paint
eyes: same as other birds
black details: gel frosting tube.

Only thing I would do different...start with a smaller amount of the gel food coloring...I put in way too much and you could tell which bird/pig each kid ate based on the color their mouth turned....oh well! They are kids and they don't care!

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