Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Angry Birds Birthday Party

The invite:

(Invitation made by Mr. T, based on one I found on pinterest.)

After having his heart set on a Cars 2 party...Lil D saw an angry birds gift bag at Target and decided he had to have an Angry Birds birds it was!

Thanks to Pinterest...I found LOTS of ideas...lots!
I even started a board dedicated to Angry Birds

For the Games:

Pin the beak on the angry bird

I free handed each part...then glued it all together. Lil D over saw the look of the bird very carefully. I found the black bird sleep mask at Michaels.

"Bowling for Pigs"
(as Lil D called it)

I used pineapple cans (then added the pineapple to my morning green smoothies for the next week). The balls I bought from Toys R us.

Find the hidden golden eggs.

I bought a couple of packs of gold eggs from the party store (aren't I lucky it's Easter time) and filled them with Jelly beans and we had a little "golden egg hunt".

For party favors I made up these cute pig bags.
Mr. T put the faces together in Illustrator and then I pasted them on.
We filled them with a few angry bird items we found.

(the bag idea came from this blog.)


I was actually excited about making angry bird cupcakes. I have seen them allover the blogs and I think that they are just so cute. I was pretty proud of how mine turned out. I'm going to do a separate post on what I used to make up each face in the next day or so.


I saw this super cute banner on Pinterest and had to have it.
Mr. T made the circles with the letters, again in Illustrator.

(font from Feast of Flesh)

Lil D painted each of the characters in Angry Birds for some additional decor.

I printed the balloon faces from this site.

The kids had a lot of fun...I was super happy with how everything turned out.
I was even happier that the weather was nice so we could play all the games outside!
Thank you Angry Birds for giving me such a fun party theme!

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Unguren said...

So cute. All of it. So cute.

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