Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Shower for the Bride

One of my cousins got married this past Monday so we threw her a bridal shower brunch the Saturday just before the wedding so all of our out of town family could be included.
I'm not gonna lie, I had A LOT of fun planning this and putting it all together and I couldn't be happier with how it all turned out.

As the guests arrived, we had a table set up for them to leave Mackenzie some marriage/relationship advice. My favorite one, "lower your expectations"...

For food we had mini parfaits, bacon, 3 types of donut holes,

pineapple, mini quiche, mini caprese bites,

plain and mint oreo truffles and lemon bars.

Water and peach grapefruit to drink.

For the centerpieces I used white hydrangeas and white fresia and lemon wedges.

 For a take home gift I made blueberry pancakes in a jar with a wooden spoon attached that I had spray painted to match the shower colors.

and here she is on her wedding day...

She is beautiful...the wedding was beautiful and I couldn't be more happy for her!

Love you Mackenzie!


Shower supply favorite finds:

Hurricane vase and apothecary jars are from Home Goods
I took one of their engagement pictures and modge podged it to a painted wood block then glued a finial to the top and tied on some ribbon.
Mini parfait cylindars are 5 oz found on
Mini quiche are from Super Target (yum)
The donut holes are from Costco (there are so delicious)
mini plastic tongs are from the dollar store (4 in a pack)
chevron fabric I found on etsy and then made squares by hemming the edges
the lidded mason type jars are from Ikea (rest of the jars are my friends)
I rolled the plastic ware into yellow napkins from Ikea and tied them with striped bakers twine I found on etsy.
The square appetizer plates I used for people to eat on are from Crate and Barrell...they are super cute and inexpensive and come in a great storage box.

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Lisa Montsion said...

I'm really happen for your cousin. I hope she is happily married for the rest of her life.


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