Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Summer is over...has been over?

Not really sure how we got to October...but it's here...has been here...
I've completely lost track of time!

This past summer was super busy and beyond fun!

My oldest sister came and stayed with me for a couple weeks.

Then shortly after she left we headed her direction and I got to be in Seattle for 3 whole weeks.
It was blissful!
Seattle will always be "home"!

We took the boys on 2 camping trips.

you could say they had a little fun!

and I turned 35.

Then we headed home, only for me to head back to Seattle for a quick weekend to share in the joy of my step-sister's wedding.

And of course a whole lot more quality time with my sisters.
(Why do they have to live so far away?)

And then September arrived...far too quickly...
and Lil C turned 1...1...crazy!

and then a couple days later I sent Lil D off to kindergarten...

and there we are...in October...school is in full swing...
the fall air has arrived and I am itching to do something...

bring on the projects!

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