Monday, November 2, 2009

November Challenge DAY 2...

I LOVE Mondays...I always feel so productive...get up...get the laundry done...get the house clean...and then I feel like I can move forward with my week.

Fortunately, my sister and I have been able to reserve a booth at the Meeker Bazaar in Tacoma Washington on 21 November.  Unfortunately, I have so much jewelry to make that I don't have time for any crafting...*sniffle*...hopefully I won't be sad if I can sell lots of stuff. The other good thing about having lots of jewelry to make...I don't leave the house much...which helps keeping the challenge a whole lot easier.

So...what did we eat today?

Breakfast: cereal. Lil D requested fruity cheerios with bananas cut up "like Grandpa"

Lunch: Lil D got out his leftover "cheesy noodles" from Noodles & Co. (last week, pre challenge). I had a toasted english muffin with laughing cow cheese (love that stuff...the light version of course)

I used foccacia bread rather than french bread, and I added tomatoes (next time I would put spinach leaves on too).  I did like this sandwich.  I don't think brie cheese is my favorite, so I would maybe do something different...but overall we really liked it. Lil D is still sick, so he had string cheese, yogart and a banana for dinner:)

What did you eat today?


Unguren said...

We had costco pizza tonight for dinner...that doesn't really flow with your no eating out but I think if we weren't moving I would be in on the challenge.

Keep'n up with the Cameron said...

So we had the same exact breakfast. Weird! I'm back to counting points :) so this whole not eating out thing is going to work for me! I will have to cheat when Cameron has his soccer party the end of the month.

I also had a pumpkin's only 3 points and so yummy. Take a spice cake mix, 1 small can of pumpkin (not the pie filling) and 1/2 of water. Mix together. Bake at 350 for 16-18 min. I added 1/2 c of mini chocolate chips. Moist goodness. you really want to know all of this???? Probably not!

Jamie said...

So what kind of jewelry are you making? I need some new accessories, do you think you can teach me when we come down?

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