Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November Challenge DAY 3...southwest egg rolls

Today was a home day for Lil D and me...and it was nice. Spent the morning watching Toy Story and making bracelets...why do I feel like I am going to be saying that A LOT over the next 2 weeks?! It was actually a pretty productive day...we even spent some time outside playing at the park and "walking" (Lil D likes to push his stroller through the park and along the river...it's a slow walk...). It was a beautiful sunny day reaching a whopping 60*...I am eating these last few days of warmth up before the cold sets in...and my poor little guy is restricted to the house...what ever will we do?

"home days" make it even easier to stay on track with the challenge...that's a good thing!

Lunch: leftover mac&cheese with kielbasa (Saturday dinner)

DE-LISH! I absolutely LOVED these and I am so excited that I have left over mixture for lunch later this week.  You definitely need to make these up for dinner (they would also be great as appetizers). And the dip that goes with them is really good too.  I'd never really thought of making "egg rolls" with anything but asian cuisine...this is opening a whole new world and I can't wait to try some other concoctions.  Added bonus to dinner tonight...Lil D wolfed down his entire egg roll.  I was completely shocked since it had all sorts of random things in it...but if you can dip it, he will eat it...spinach and all!  It was so fun to watch.

Have anything fun to eat today?
Want some great meal ideas?  Check out...

So many great meal plans for one meal or a whole week...have fun and Join the fun!

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Unguren said...

We liked them too. I am glad you liked them...I somehow feel responsible when someone doesn't like something I said was good.

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