Monday, November 9, 2009

Thanksgiving...not to be neglected...well...maybe this year!

I was actually really good this year, and got the Halloween decor down on November 2nd...kind of amazing really.  I left all my fall decor up...and realized I have very little "Thanksgiving" decor....just this cute couple...

and some dangles for my Welcome sign...
(all the wood items were purchased at the Wood Connection and then painted at home)

But that will have to do for this year...I have already started finishing up some Christmas decor for next month...and I still have WAY TOO MANY bracelets to get done. I don't want to forget I guess the fall decor will have to satisfy me for the next month (2 weeks really)!

Do you decorate for Thanksgiving?

I'm linking to another fabulous week over at The DIY show-off for another fall festival!

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