Monday, December 28, 2009

The Ziggy Christmas Saga...

as told by my mama...
(added info to help explain to all of you)

"It all started on a Christmas in 1973 (my dad would have been 24) in the little town of Lacey, Washington. Grandma Jones (my dad's mom) gave your dad a Ziggy beach towel as his Christmas gift instead of the usual Nordstrom Gift Certificate. He couldn't believe it, even shook the towel out to make sure he wasn't missing something. He would have called her right then, but she was in Hawaii basking on a beautiful beach. Of course, when she returned home, she heard all about how put out he was about this silly Ziggy beach towel.

For the next few years, Grandma gave your dad Ziggy calendars for Christmas mostly, I'm sure, just to hear him complain, which he did. Then one year she found these cute little ziggy guys and the saga began. She gave him one a year for seven years...interesting isn't it, not more, not less...just seven...(my mom and dad had 7 kids).

As you now, they have had a place on my bookshelf every Christmas. I'm passing them on to you hoping that you will have fun remembering this cute story between mother and child. And hoping too, that you will create family traditions with the ones you love because they make the very best memories to remember and to pass on.

Merry Christmas,


I have fond memories of my dad receiving these cute little Ziggys every year...and remembering how much he "whined" (in a playful way that only my dad can do) about these silly gifts!
I also remember getting them out every year when we would decorate for Christmas. I think I even asked my mom for one or 2 a few times...but she wouldn't part with them...finally she has and I couldn't be happier.

This guy has now found a new home on my tree...
where he will continue to sit each year!

Here are my brother and I with ours (in Utah)

and the other 5 ziggys...

that now belong to my other 5 siblings...hanging out together one last time. (They didn't take a picture of all of them holding their ziggys...guess we didn't communicate very well:)

Don't you just love family traditions and stories?

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