Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas again...

These are my sisters...

Well, my 4 sisters and sister-in-law (oh...and my sweet little niece)
so yeah...these are my sisters...I sure love them. They were all together on Christmas and then this past Saturday they all got together to see New Moon and shop and eat...I on the other hand am still 850 miles away (sniffle)...but that's okay...I'll be with them in about a week!

Anyway...I decided for my sister gift this year I would make them these cute bandana aprons...I just love them! The orange one for my oldest sister who recently bought her first home and is obsessed with orange in her kitchen. A red one for my next sister, who bought her first condo over 2 years ago and (like me) has the red going on in her kitchen. For my sister-in-law (second in from the left) the green one, 'cause I thought she would like the color...guess my younger sister wanted the green instead of the navy so they swapped...I made the navy for my younger sister since that is one of the main colors of the Seahawks (see that story here) but green speaks more Seahawks to her then navy. And light blue for my youngest sister who well, loves light blue! Guess I should have made one for little ZZ, but I made her this makeup instead.

And I just have to share because I am just so excited about mom and youngest sister are driving down from Seattle later this week...I can't wait till they get her. Then Lil D and I are hoping in the car and going back to Seattle with my mom for a couple weeks. We have some big plans for my mom's hopefully I will have lots of fun posts to show you!

Have a great Monday...I've got cleaning and a little more shopping to do on my list..

How 'bout you?

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