Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

I hope you all had a fun New Year's Eve...we had a fun night...but I am tired (Lil D decided 6am would be a good time to get up this morning) for last night...we had some friends over AND my mom and sister we here too! Here's what we did and what it looked like:

I saw this decor over at Room Remix and know I love green...and I already had silver on my this was perfect. I didn't want to have to buy I did my version of silver, lime green and purple...

I have all white dishes and have had the green goblets for a few years...I LOVE them. I found these cute green bead bauble napkin rings at Bed Bath and Beyond for $.99 each and the napkins were 4 for $6.99. I bought the silver chargers (they are totally plastic) on sale at Walmart the day after Christmas.

The table runner I got at Target the day after Christmas along with the silver bead strands (Joanns). I already had the lime green tea lights (trust me...they look yellow...they aren't)...and I found the purple candles and glass jars at the dollar store.

I think it probably would have looked better if I had a white table cloth to really have the wintry look completed...but I don't really like table there you go:)

In total...the only things I bought yesterday were the napkin rings, napkins, 2 purple candles and 2 glass jars for a total of $24. Not too bad...AND...all will be reused often!

For the food:

Lentil and Rice Pilaf with creamy yogart

The Salmon was absolutely delicious...LOVED that. The salad was a salad...nothing to write home about and next time I would skip their dressing and use one I already have and enjoy. The snow peas and cherry tomatoes were good...colorful...not quite the flavor I was looking for...I would use balsamic vinegar instead of the sesame oil next time. The lentil/rice pilaf was definitely NEED the yogart for the flavor. I liked the texture and would do a version of it again...maybe more cumin?...we'll see.

After dinner we headed back to our friends for dessert....
Chocolate Fondu

Favorite items...cinnamon bears and frozen pieces of cheesecake...YUM!
Thanks Baileys for a VERY fun night!
And thanks mom for letting us leave Lil D with you so we could stay out past bedtime for once in a blue moon:)

....and now....
it's 2010

Do you do resolutions?

I DON'T...

Can't stand them.
Maybe it's because I don't even attempt to keep them...


This year...I have decided to do


This past November I successfully challenged myself and completed 30 days of no eating out.
It was a short term goal and attainable...

So I have decided that this year I will do the same thing...a goal a month!

I'm very excited...more to come on each month's goal VERY soon...seeing how it's January 1 already!

If you aren't into resolutions...even if you are...maybe you will still want to join the challenge!


Jamie Bailey said...

Thanks for hanging out with us...we had a lot of fun! Your dinner was DELICIOUS and your table looked fantastic! Happy New Year!

Unguren said...

Glad you liked the Salmon. We had it for Christmas dinner. You could have had it twice. I won't hold it against you though.

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