Monday, February 8, 2010

All I want to do is craft...(February challenge update)

But I have banned myself from anything crafty until I can at least call the guest room done...(since I am losing hope that I will complete my entire February Challenge)

You know how when you start on a project and you are so excited that you just starting plowing through your list...then you loose a little steam because you feel a little overwhelmed with what you have bitten off (all by yourself)...that's where I am at. It was slow moving today on the guest room redo and when I should have been taking advantage of the few hours between Lil D's bedtime and my bedtime...I just wanted to it's 10 and I am tired and so here I sit, in my bed, thinking of all the things I could have finished this evening....dang it! Oh well, at least I'll get a good night's sleep:)'s what I'm gonna do...I'm making a to do list for tomorrow right here...will someone out there hold me accountable for my time management skills tomorrow....Pah-Lease???

Here is what I MUST get done tomorrow...

1. sand all the holes I filled today
2. wipe down all the baseboards (again...why did I wipe them down before I sanded?:)
3. paint ceiling
4. paint baseboards and moldings
5. remove door and prep to paint

Hopefully that is not to unrealistic....I shouldn't be too hard on myself though...I did get all the furniture painted black and I LOVE IT! I would show pics, but it will be more impressive once it is all back together in the room...

Wednesday I would really like to paint the walls so I can put the furniture back in and start decorating...I think I will pick up more steam once the craftiness can start again on some fun art projects and such...alright...time to rest so I am ready to paint, paint, paint! (sure wish my mom and sisters were here to help...dang 800 mile separation)


Anonymous said...

I would come help but I'd probably not end up helping much since Aiden will usually only sit by himself for about half an hour or so and I've only painted once before in my entire life so I'd be scared to do a bad job lol

2sisters said...

All right, I'm listening! I guess you have me to be accountable to. Good luck with everything!

Jenn said...

That is totally my life right now! Everything is on hold for us to finish my craft room! Good luck with everything!

Unguren said...

Hopefully everything and everyone will cooperate so you can get it done.

Struggler said...

Hmm, my first visit here, but I'm excited to see/hear how this room turns out!

Lori said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your room.. Now you've reminded us about your room, so you have to finish...LOL

Thanks for your sweet comment on your topiaries.

Erin said...

that is a big list! don't kill yourself trying to get it all done. it will still be there tomorrow! :)

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