Thursday, February 25, 2010

Guest bedroom decor...complete...(post 3)

So here it is...the rest of the "stuff" for the guest room...

I bought this chair at DI last week for $10...

I sprayed it the same red as the lamp and recovered the chair with the same fabric as the curtain (no extra money spent...that's a good thing at this point).

Total cost: $10


I decided that this room has A LOT of patterns going on, but I still wanted to add pillows to the bed, so I went with texture instead of pattern.

Meet my furry pillow...

and my ruffly pillow... I LOVE them!

Total cost for the 2 pillows: $26
(tutorials to come)
add in my etsy pillow (for just a little color and pattern)

(I saw this pillow on PK's blog on her post about damask print...I went right over to etsy (designs by Nancy T) and bought it...I just HAD to have it...thanks PK for finding it for me:)


The roman shade
...this thing seriously stressed me OUT...
I followed the tutorials from Frugal Home Ideas and Little Green Notebook
They are great tutorials...I just was freakin' out about it. It took me WAY longer then I would have liked fabric is perfectly straight (I will ONLY use solid fabric in the future) and it goes up and down...hurray!

Like Frugal Home Ideas, I sprayed the top piece and hot glued it back on (yep, used hot glue...hey future guests, don't go touching the top piece).

(and please ignore the awesome rusted metal's a basement...that's all I can say)
Total cost: FREE
It's the original blinds for the window...the fabric is part of the curtain fabric and the spray paint is left over from a ton of other projects...


...that's it...'s all done...
...I really can't believe it...

When I put the pillows and chair in the room today I thought, "ok...what's next on the list?"
But take a look at that list over there...IT'S ALL CROSSED OFF!

...we're good...'s good...'s done...

Well, at least I got MOST of my February Challenge done.
Now I can turn around and face the scary room behind me and hopefully soon we can officially call it a play room.

You can see the rest of the decor in post 1 HERE and post 2 HERE.
Once I get all the pics taken of the whole room, I'll post 'em!

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Emily {Frilly Details} said...

HOW CUTE!!! Love the way everything in the room looks. Fabulous job :)

Jenn said...

You've been busy! They all turned out great...I miss the DI!!{we live 20 hours away from one!}

Rachelle said...

Looks great! I used to have a basement bedroom and that was the view from my window too! :) Ohhh memories!

Love the ruffled pillow- I MUST know how you did it. I can't sew though, can I pull it off with a glue gun :P


2sisters said...

I love love love it! It turned out so great! I am so impressed and I love the colors!

Jami Schoettler said...

I love this! I want to paint few of my old dinning room chairs Robin's egg blue to do in my living room but I'm too scared. Jami

Katie said...

Adorable! I love the black pillows!!!

Sarah Lou said...

Oh wow, those chairs those blinds!!! Wow I love this my jaw has just hit the ground from all the beauty!!

Jane said...

Wow...I love the fabrics you chose, as well as the red, black and cream color scheme! thanks for sharing and for linkin' up to Frugalicious Friday!

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