Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's time for accountability again...

February was a productive month...the craft closet and guest room were completely overhauled and are fantastic and getting used A LOT...but I didn't complete the new play room like I had hoped...and I have been at an almost standstill for the past few weeks (I've done plenty of craft projects and made lots of new jewelry, just no house stuff)...SO...with my sister arriving in 11 days to help me paint the main level of my home...I have SO much to do and I need my lovely bloggy friends to keep me on track and moving forward.

Here is what needs to be done in the basement before my sister arrives:

Finish scanning the scrapbooks (I'm up to 1998...and need to get through 2002)
Get filing cabinet in working order
Sell TV and tear down stand (that Mr. T built...but has seen it's day)
Clean basement (soon to be) playroom
paint ceiling, baseboards, walls
move toys to the basement

Upstairs projects that need to be completed before she arrives:

Remove all baseboards
Remove all wall hanging objects
patch, patch, patch
pack up decor
unload top cabinets in kitchen and remove upper kitchen cabinets
remove faceplates, curtain rods, wall shelves, etc.
Buy ceiling paint, wall paint and other painting supplies

I'm sure there are a few more details that need to happen...but I guess I better start there. After my American Idol party tonight, I have no more party plans at my house and will feel better about deconstructing this main level...for today...I'm headed to the basement for a few hours to get those scrapbooks scanned as fast as my scanner will go and to get some more things cleaned up so I can scratch a few things off of this list....

Wish me luck:)

Oh...want to hear what we are doing in the main living area...goodness...check out the list on the side....let's just say it's gonna be a busy few months!


Birdie @ Chirp in the Forest said...

Oh my. Our to-do lists are so similar! We painted our ceilings last weekend and painting the walls and removing baseboards are this weekend. We're also putting in laminate floors throughout our whole main level! Are you installing them yourselves?

Alicia said...

You're such a busy lady.When do you find time to blog :-)

I too have many projects and with this gorgeous weather we are having it's really inspiring me.

Alas for those 40 hour work weeks, they really cut into my blog and gardening time.

Happy St. Patricks Day.

Struggler said...

All this before she arrives? OK, well, I hope you're not putting too much stress on yourself!
But of course, a little motivation is never a bad thing, either :)

Unguren said...

That is a lengthy list.

2sisters said...

It makes me tired just reading your list. Good luck!

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