Sunday, May 1, 2011

A productive week...

We all know that no project is as easy as walk in a room and paint it...nope...wouldn't that be nice though? So this week I decided to get a crackin' on the baby is the only room in this house that has never been touched...never...after almost 6 was in sad shape...

SO...this week Mr. T and I (and Lil D) patched a trillion holes, painted the ceiling, changed the overhead light, primed the walls, tore out the very bad closet organizer, and started patching it and getting it ready to paint. Outside the baby room I finally got Lil D's bathroom completely finished...the baseboards have been sitting unpatched and caulked for more. We also changed out the light in Lil D's room and put new outside lights on the house.

I pulled some wall colors for the baby room and priced out the bead board for the bottom half of the walls. I also ordered new blinds for Lil D and the baby's room...we have slowly been replacing all the old crappy blinds in our house with Levolor cellular shades...I LOVE them! We get the cordless ones and they are fantastic. Anyway, I was ecstatic to find them on sale again, so I placed my order and splurged a teeny bit and bought the room darkening ones...I am so excited about that!

The baby room decor ideas are slowly coming together...Lil D has had a lot of opinions about I am going with them so this whole transition of having mom to himself for 4 years to sharing her with a needy little thing will be a little easier...he is VERY excited about a baby....but I swear I can't leave his side lately...I hope that wears off soon:)

This week's to do list:
-finish prepping the closet for paint
-prime and paint the closet
-paint the moldings around the outside of the closet
-and while I'm painting moldings...repaint the chair rail in Lil D's room and the rest of the crown molding for my bedroom.
-finalize color for baby room and maybe paint.

On a side note...we woke up to this lovely site on Saturday morning. Lil D can't wait for summer and to hit the pool...but he was pretty excited that he got to shovel the driveway one more time...

Hoping you all had a productive week too!


Kristin said...

Congrats on the baby news...hopefully Lil D will be as excited about the new baby once he/she arrives!!!

Sounds like you got a great start. Hoping the rest of the reno goes smoothly!!

Jamie @ It's a Morris Thing said...

Wow you got way more snow than we did!! Can't wait to see the babies room I bet it will be adorable!!

Eardley Fam said...


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