Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Family Picture Wall

The family room makeover was actually completed last summer....it just took me almost a year to get the family pictures hung. Sad it took so long...but very happy with the result!

Want one of these fabulous family trees?
You can have your very own, made by the super talented Jennifer Juniper...go check out her etsy shop...she has some fantastic things!

The temple picture and board I purchased at the Wood Connection.
I painted the board white then glazed it. Then mod podged the picture to the board and added some texture cream to the picture to make it look "canvasy".

I'd like to finally call this room done...but since I keep moving the things around on the bookshelves we will just call it "complete for today".


Courtney said...

I too can never call a room complete because I totally change things up all the time!!

love how this turned out though. the pictures look great and the room still looks beautiful!

Christine said...

Love the room, and love the new header to your page! :)

The Snedegers said...

I love how everything in this room turned out!

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