Friday, July 15, 2011

A bowl full of cherries

I bought some cherries at the farmer's market last weekend and decided that I needed to do something more with them then shove them in my mouth every time I walk by. Although there is nothing wrong with that, it's just a pain to have to stand and wait till I can spit the seed out...wah wah wah:)

Anyway, I decided to make some cherry turnovers.
Lil D was super excited to use the cherry pitter...super excited.
Who knew it could be so fun?!

He made it through half the bowl, which is pretty good...but Backyardigans came on and well, they are WAY better then cherry pitting!

I found this recipe to make my own cherry filling. Let me tell you, worth the effort...SO much better then any canned version. I may have to buy even more cherries and make up some to freeze...YUM!

I used this recipe for the actual turnover.
(there's turned out way prettier...
but looks don't make things less delicious, right?!)

Oh yes, I added some ice cream with a little chocolate sauce and whip cream...
why not...this pregnant belly ain't counting any calories.

I still have half a batch of the cherry filling left and another pie crust...
I'm thinking mini cherry pies....mmmmmm!

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