Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yes, I'm still cooking.

I haven't been real good about planning out a menu each week.
I hate when I go to the store multiple times a week...but my "plan aheadness" has been lacking so what can you do?!

Last week I made some salsa and some delicious rosemary rolls (I'll share those later) and had all sorts of random produce I did a little searching to find some recipes to use it all up and boy am I glad I did.

I first found this summer corn salad on
What actually drew me to it was the use of the remainder of my produce from my salsa...but it is a MUST make.

Only thing I did different...I used frozen corn instead of on the cob.

Here's my thing. I have done the whole roasting the corn on the cob and then cutting it off...yeah, it's good...but a ton of effort AND the frozen corn from Costco is delicious so why not use it. I "heat it up" in a large pan. Gives it a bit more of a roasted taste. Just spray your pan and heat the corn on medium high till hot....add a little salt and pepper and done.

Add remaining ingredients...stir...and serve warm.
I absolutely LOVED this...LOVED.

I think it will be good cold...maybe mixed with some lettuce and a light vinegarette for lunch tomorrow. If you love corn...and cilantro...You need to make it!

I also had some rosemary to use up. So a little searching led me to this grilled rosemary chicken breast recipe.

I really liked these a lot. But I LOVE me some rosemary. Mr. T was not a huge fan. He said they had a strange after let me warn you...if you don't LOVE rosemary, you won't love these. I thought they were great...did I say that? When it comes to cooking with chicken breasts, I always use tenderloins, they are smaller portions, so I don't eat as much AND they cook very fast, which I like. I'm wondering if the flavor was stronger because the pieces are small and thin...just a thought. If I make them again I may use half the rosemary and see if Mr. T likes them better.

So there you go.
2 yummy dishes perfect for summer
and a perfect way for me to clean out the produce drawer before I head back to the store...


Courtney said...

oh the corn looks delish!! i have a lot of fresh corn in my fridge I might have to use for this!

I love rosemary also and my hubs is okay with it!

Vicki said...

Can I come live at your house?

Love you Ter!

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