Saturday, July 16, 2011

More pillows

After making the pillows for the baby room, Lil D decided that he needed a few more pillows for his window seat...with dinosaurs of course.

I still had 2 more pillow case covers from Ikea, so we went on a hunt for the perfect fabric. Lil D informed me that we would be making a brachiasaurus, which is blue and a "platicus", which is green (I'm not sure which dino that actually is, but Dino Dan says it's one:)

We went to a few fabric stores and I struggled to find blue and green fabric that I liked, would work for a dinosaur and didn't look really "babyish". I bought two quarter fats, and then kept putting off making them, because I didn't love the fabric. Then the other day, Lil D and I were walking through Walmart and lo and behold...the perfect dino fabric...

who would have thought...Walmart:)
I used my zooballo cricut cartridge and some heat n bond to make iron ons...
and just ironed on the dinos.

I think they turned out simple, but super cute. Lil D loves them, which is really all that matters...and I love that if he changes his love of dinosaurs to something else, I can just pull them off and use the pillow covers for something else.

And as long as I was doing pillows today...why not finally take the cloth napkins I bought at Target over a year ago and make that yellow pillow I have been wanting.

I do love a simple envelope pillow cover!

I think I am finally pillowed out!
On to finishing the picture wall for the's turning out so cute!

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Unguren said...

Cute Dino pillows. I have bought fabric at Walmart a couple of times who would have thought.

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