Sunday, July 17, 2011

For the love of rosemary.

When Mr. T and I were in Las Vegas last month, we ate at YUM!
Like many restaurants, they brought out some bread after we ordered.
There were 6 rolls in a little cast iron dish and they were delicious...buttery and salty and we ate them up quick.

I'm not really a baker...I use Rhodes rolls for lots of things and I figured that they would taste good buttered up and cooked/served in a cast iron dish. So I found some mini cast iron dishes at Sur La Table and set out to make some yummy rolls.

As I previously professed my love for rosemary...I mean, you can take me to Macaroni Grill any day just to eat their rosemary bread...I thought these rolls would be even better with rosemary added to their buttery salty goodness. Then I remembered reading awhile back that the Pioneer Woman had made these exact I searched it down and found her "recipe".

Then I made some myself...

Okay, I've made them a week:)
I've eaten more then my share.
I don't care...I'll make them again...and eat them all:)

Since my cast iron pan is so little, I actually cut the rhodes rolls in 3 rolls makes makes me feel a little bit better thinking that I can eat 2 and it's really only the calories for 1:)
Just go with me!

Oh...and make will LOVE them!

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