Monday, July 18, 2011

Mini cherry pies...take 1

I decided to try making some mini cherry pies with my leftover homemade cherry pie filling.
They tasted delicious.

I used one of those refrigerated pie crusts. Cut out rounds with a cookie cutter and placed them into a muffin tin. Filled each cup with 2 heaping tablespoons. Then I cut out extra strips of crust for the top. I baked them at 350* for about 35 minutes. They really did taste so yummy...especially with a little vanilla bean ice cream.

Here's what I am going to change for next time:

-The pie crust rounds need to be much bigger so they actually come up over the top of the muffin tin. I was just being too lazy to find something bigger to cut out when I could just use my cookie cutter.

-I'm going to roll the pie crust thinner. One, so I can make more mini pies (I think the one crust, not rolled thinner, made could at least make 12) and two, so it will cook quicker. The crust wasn't cooking and the longer I cooked it the more the filling bubbled out.

-I'm going to make my lattice top pieces a little prettier:) If the cup comes out of the tin, I could pinch the lattice pieces on better and I think they would look better...not that looks make a difference THAT much...just put it in your mouth!

I'm thinking little apple pies would be good too...oh little pies with anything would be good!
I'm pregnant...I'm eating dessert:)

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Unguren said...

Mmmmm. Cherry Pie. Sounds so good.

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