Thursday, August 11, 2011

36 weeks!

Lil D is getting to be quite the photographer.
Wish you could hear him, "Zoom in a little, now out...little more in...perfect"!

Down to weekly appointments with the doctor.
Heartburn all day long.
And SOOOOO tired!'s been a very easy pregnancy (just like Lil D) so I really can't complain.
However...I'm ready for this little guy to make his appearance....
He just has to wait until Mr. T and Lil D go to my family reunion next week for 5 days...let's just say I'm just going to lay really still for 5 days (yeah, that will be hard)...and then as soon as their plane lands next Thursday, I'm gonna start walking....
All Day Long!

I don't really have much left to do...which is a huge relief...just lots of time to relax and hang out with Lil D...of course, he just wants the baby here too....maybe he'll go walking with me:)

1 comment:

AJ said...

Okay, I do tink you are beautiful but you look ready to pop! wanna do dinner one night while your boys are away? Email me?

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