Friday, August 12, 2011

Bountiful Harvest

My good friend left on a family vacation for a week.
She left me in charge of her garden.
She and her husband both grew up in Idaho...on farms.
It doesn't matter how crappy our spring was...whatever they touch...

All those tomatoes.
All these cucumbers.
I get that much every other day.

Good thing they are my 2 favorite vegetables.
And good thing I have lots of neighbors who also love to receive fresh garden veggies.

This last batch...and the stuff I get Saturday I actually need and can use.
and this Saturday is our Mother/daughter activity.
We are having a little luncheon and then they are making bracelets. is how I am going to use the abundance of veggies.

Tomato/Basil Brushetta (recipe here) served on little crostinis.

This is one of my most favorite things and I am making tons and tons in the hope I have lot of leftovers:) Oh...and I don't have to buy anything because I have 2 huge beautiful basil plants in my garden.

Cucumber Salad (recipe here)
I haven't decided if I am going to use basil, so it goes with the brushetta, or dill because dill and cucumber is Yummy!

And for the "main course": Roasted chicken and bow tie pasta (recipe here)
I haven't tried it...but it sounds/looks delicious...and with those ingredients, you can't really go wrong.

1 comment:

AJ said...

I just want to say your Tomato/Basil Brushetta is so good. I crave that stuff. Invite me over! :)

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