Sunday, February 19, 2012

Crock Pot Sunday: Chicken Parm

I got this crock pot recipe off of pinterest. It is on this blog. I am sad to say that we were highly disappointed. I'm sure if I messed with it a bit, I could make it taste as good as the gal that shared the recipe...but it was not for us. I struggle with chicken in crock pots sometimes as they seem to dry out to fast. This recipe said to cook on low for 6-7 or high for 4-5. I know that my chicken dries out so I did low for 5 hours and the chicken was DRY. Plus, if I am going to spend the time to bread my chicken and put cheese on top...I don't want the chicken coming out completely bare while my breading and cheese lay in clumps in the sauce. Of course, all the breading and cheese made the sauce thick and I guess if I called it crock pot spaghetti sauce it would have been a winner. The other issue we seemed that the chicken sucked up every ounce of salt from the mozzarella and salty...not good!

Oh well...they can't all be our favorites.

Here's hoping next weeks tastes a bit better!

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