Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crock Pot Sunday: Lemon Garlic Chicken

I may officially write off all of my Crock Pot chicken recipes. How come I can cook a perfectly juicy piece of chicken on the stove top, in the oven and even on the grill...but put it in the crock pot and wham...dry city?!

This week I decided to try a whole chicken thinking maybe it would be delicious.
I mean look at it...doesn't it look delicious?
And this is before it's been cooked in the crock pot...just browned on the stove and stuffed full of so many flavorful items.

Well...after all the effort to brown, season, stuff, season, deglaze, season...
did I mention season? This chicken had so little flavor. And the falling off the bone that was promised...not so much. The dark meat was good...we were eating that first and thought...yeah, I would eat this again...but then we ate some of the white meat and well, not worth the effort.

I had such high hopes...garlic, lemon, thyme, can you go wrong?
Just wish those flavors and come through more...or really come through at all.
I even took the juices from the pot after I removed the chicken and reduced it down to pour was the sauce bad. It had the most bitter aftertaste. The recipe said to only put in the thyme for the whole cooking time and add the rosemary the last 30 minutes because it can turn bitter cooking in the crock pot for so long...I'm thinking the thyme may do the same thing.

Okay...I didn't want to bash on the recipe...I was just hoping for so much flavor and got none. Next time I'll throw my chicken in a bag and toss it in the oven:)

If you decide to give this one a shot let me know how yours turns out and maybe I can do something different!

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