Monday, April 9, 2012

Fun with Peeps

I love peeps.
I have loved them for as long as I can remember.
My sister decided to surprise me with a box full of peeps a few weeks before Easter.
The return address said "the peep show"...she's nice and funny!

I saw some chocolate covered peeps on Pinterest and since I had a few peeps at my house already...(did I mention I had already bought a bunch before the box arrived?)

I dipped some peeps!

I'm not gonna lie...
The bunnies were delicious!

and I used dark chocolate so they were "good for me".

The chicks went into little boxes and were tied up with a bow with a tag that said "for my peeps". The bunnies were put together in twos in little cello bags.
I loved how they all turned out...and lucky for me, my friends also enjoy themselves some peeps!

I also made up a few "Peeps in a Jar". I thought I took pictures, but I guess not. They turned out pretty cute. I made up one recipe to try and they were pretty yummy. I ended up only doing about 1 cup of M&Ms in my jars because the 1 1/2 was WAY too much. Other then that...yum!

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