Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Spooky decorations

I'm not a fan of scary.
Lil D likes to use the word spooky...
and anything related to Halloween is considered spooky.
So we go with the cute...fun...spooky kind of stuff in our house:)

I need to admit...
I thought it would be fun to put spider webs all over our family pictures...and then I was getting frustrated that the webs kept pulling my pictures all crooked...
aren't crooked pictures "spooky"? 
Yep...they are! 
So I totally did that on purpose....


We made lots of new "spooky" decor thanks to Pinterest!

A spider's nest

a standing ghost and glittery spider web.

And then another glittery spider web...and a little photo holder.

You can see my past Halloween decor here!

Are you ready for Halloween?

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