Thursday, November 5, 2009

November Challenge DAY 4...and so much sunshine!

I had short sleeves and flip flops on today.  

So, Lil D and I spent the day outside...I raked up all the leaves in the yard and "somebody" was having a really good time with them...
don't you just love the look of pure joy on his face?

I'm leaving them till Saturday, so he can have a little more fun...
and so I only have to bag the leaves one time (since the trees are still pretty full).

After playing in the yard, we spent sometime enjoying these places...

And even though we spent most of the day outside of the house...
we did stay on track with the challenge and ate our meals in the house.

Breakfast: ok, so this was a bust.  We had to take Mr. T to work, so Lil D ate a string cheese and I kinda passed on this meal...oops! I was very tempted to grab a bite while we ran errands...but I didn't.

Lunch: Lil D requested a "cheesy sandwhich" and I finished off the rest of this meal.

Dinner: Turkey burger and a wedge salad. Lil D requested "cheesy tacos".

I used up the rest of my ground turkey from the southwest egg rolls and the remaining foccacia from the chicken sandwiches.  Felt like it was a pretty productive leftover night.  Will be having another leftover night tomorrow since Mr. T will not be home for dinner again:(

And then I finally needed to get some jewelry made...must have been feeling purple...

2 more bracelets done AND a necklace.  

My sister bought these purple agate beads when I was in Seattle with her.  We saw a cool purple necklace while shopping in Portland in August and I told her I would make it for her if we found beads she liked...I really like the ribbon tied between them. Still trying to work out what type of closure to put on it...but the beads are so pretty.

Enjoying any good weather in your area?


Jamie said...

Ahhh that looks like fun!! I think we are supposed to be 75 today and tomorrow, crazy!! So is the necklace strung together with the ribbon or did you just tie it? It is adorable I love the purple, and someday when I see you again I would love to know how to make the bracelet.

NM said...

What beautiful images and thank you for sharing these special fun moments with me!
Beautiful blog!
Best wishes, NM.

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