Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday...how I paint.

Every Tuesday over at Hope Studios...there is a fun party where you can learn so many things...or share something for others to learn.

I just love this party...but haven't had much time to work up a tutorial since all I have done the past few weeks is paint and demo the house....
(after whining about not being able to attend the party...I know...I'm a big baby)
I'm gonna share my painting tips and tricks.

First off, let me say...
I LOVE TO PAINT...I do...I LOVE it! And I can still say this after painting my mom's rec room (in January), my guest room and play room (in February/March), my family room, kitchen, living room, 2 stairways, a hallway, a bathroom, a pantry and the laundry room (in March/April). I think it is safe to assume that painting is something I enjoy and I don't have any plans of stopping just yet...I'm sure there are a few more walls that could use a new coat of paint...and it hasn't just been the walls...the ceilings have been painted along with the remaining baseboards and door moldings. Oh...and the doors all got painted, but I can't take credit for my mom's handy work.

Alright, on with my tips.

#1: DON'T paint alone. Hire a friend or fly in a relative. Painting is much more enjoyable when there is someone to chat with AND if you are standing at the top of a ladder, you may need someone there to hand you a brush, roller, paint can, rag...you know...whatever:) Oh...and the biggest bonus...lot's more can get accomplished when there are 2 of you with rollers in your hands.

#2: Tape...oh wait...DON'T tape. I HATE taping...I think it is a waste of time. Some people like to tape...I am not one of those. The previous owner (of my home) should have taped...

That is one of the reasons why I had to start at the ceilings and work my way down...most ceilings and ALL my door moldings looked like that...I mean really, did she even try?

a good brush...that is all you need...oh, and a semi-steady hand.
I LOVE this one...purdy...2" angle...or no angle...either are great!

My real issue with tape...I spend all the time doing it...only for it seep anyway...then I'm just angry that I wasted time to still have a sloppy edge. I have heard great things about frog tape...but haven't tried it yet...Don't want to spend the money when I can get a straight clean edge on my own. So for me it's NO TAPE!

#3: Prep the room first. Walk the room/rooms you are going to paint removing all outlet plates, etc AND patching all the holes, dings and bashes. I LOVE the pink stuff that dries white. So easy to put on and dries super quick. Sand it smooth and you are good to go. There is nothing worse the rolling along and coming upon ANOTHER hole or divot...so walk the room first and try to get it all before you start painting. And fill even the littlest divots...your walls will look so much better.

#4: roll first...cut in second. I don't always do this...and I waste a lot of time painting farther down on the wall then I need to (with my brush)...'cause you can get very close to the ceiling with a roller and your cutting in will go much faster.

#5: If you are painting EVERYTHING...paint the ceilings first and don't worry about getting it on the walls...paint the moldings and don't worry about getting it on the walls. THEN paint the walls last, cutting in at the ceilings and moldings...SO much easier to cut in that way.

#6: If you have LOTS of painting to do...don't wash out your roller...stick it in a plastic grocery bag (one without holes...good luck finding one:) and then stick it in the fridge until the next time you need it. My ceiling roller was in my fridge for a month...pulled it out and did the next room...no problems...painted just great. My husband keeps laughing at me that there are 5 (yes, 5) rollers in our fridge...but I ain't cleaning them up till ALL the painting and touch-ups are done. Case in point...the family room was done till my mom banged it with a door and know I have some touching up to do (it's okay mom...all the door painting you did makes up for it). My uncle told my mom this trick years ago...has saved us so much time and energy on the silly "wash the rollers" routine. And I'll be honest, when I really am all done...I'm throwing those rollers away.

#7: put the lid on the can...if you aren't painting directly out of it or in the midst of dumping into the tray...put the lid on. I have found that when I leave it sitting open...the paint on the sides dries a bit and then gets in my paint and then I end up rolling on little glops of rubbery paint and have to pick them off and rerolling and my gracious it's annoying. Maybe I'm the only one this happens to...but if not...put the lid on.

#8: ALWAYS have a wet rag close by...you know for those not so near misses on your ceilings, moldings, uncovered floors, etc. It's amazing what a wet rag can get out if you immediately get to it.

#9: This is my sisters trick. She not only has paint clothes, put paint flip flops...AND...she only walks on the drop cloths with her flip flops, if she is going to step onto the flooring, she steps out of them. That way, if she has stepped on any paint...it stays on the flip flops and on the drop cloths, leaving the flooring clean and paint free.

#10: Don't get lazy. It's really easy after painting for hours and days on end to get to that point where you say, "oh...no one will notice"...'cause you will and it will BUG you. It was good to have my sister here to remind me of this when I wanted to skip a second coat on a molding...do take the extra time to make it perfect...you will be so happy and won't kick yourself a week later.

Happy Painting!

Oh...and by the way...I also happen to be sponsoring a giveaway (T's Etc) for this weeks Tutorial Tuesday party...so don't forget to get yourself entered:)

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Jennifer Juniper said...

That's what I"m talkin' about! Love it and I learned a lot - like cut in last. Who knew?!?

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