Thursday, December 30, 2010

What's coming in 2011

With a new year just a few short days away, I've decided it's time to figure out what the projects will be for the new year. If you hung out with me last year you saw an almost complete overhaul of my house.
The year was aptly named Thompson Remodel 2010.

I started in the basement...overhauling the guest bedroom and creating a craft closet. Then I turned the "big room" into a "play room"...well, I started...but got stopped and moved up to the main living area of our home.

That's when we started making the crack "go big or go home" when we tore out all the flooring...painted from the ceiling to the floor (including the door frames, doors and all new baseboards), redid the living room, tore out the kitchen and then put it all back together again...adding some batten board along the way. Once we finished ALL of that...we decided to move upstairs and redo Lil D's bathroom (it was in semi-sad shape). Oh, and why not redo our bathroom floor too. (I just realized I never posted pics of this redo)

Good night what were we thinking? Well...aside from some minor finishing touches...we completed all we wanted to in 2010. But of course, we aren't totally done....yet.

Want to hear the plans for 2011? I like to share so I can stay accountable...I'll tell you what...helped me SO MUCH last year...hoping the same will happen this year.

Project #1: Finally finish Lil D's playroom.
When we left the playroom (in March 2010) it looked like this....

The tv was given away (to a needy little brother), the file cabinet is now in the storage room and the's covered in toys.

The plan:
get some good storage for all Lil D's toys.
Add some wall art
put up some vinyl...words/numbers/etc
window treatment
build a desk on the short wall next to the treadmill (for Mr. T)
and maybe some other fun things.
I'm rather excited about it!

Project #2: New carpet this is totally not being done by us...but our carpet (what is left of it) is nasty and so needs to be traded up. Here's hoping we can decide on something...and here's hoping we don't kill ourselves moving furniture to recarpet.

Project #3: Crown molding in the master bedroom.
We've have it...I've painted half of it...then it got too'll get done...right?!

Project #4: The backyard

See that big rectangle O's pointless...because of the great wall of china next to it, it doesn't get enough sun to be a good garden (hence my little garden on the other side of the yard)...and it's just well...a weed farm. There was a random tree in it that we finally pulled just bugs me and has no purpose. So we are covering it up with some concrete. Then we will build a new shed on the back side of it up against the fence. A shed that doesn't move when the winds blow hard and one where the doors actually close together. Mr. T has big dreams.
I'd like to also mention the deck that needs to be finished...but I won't:)

And if I haven't killed myself...I'd like to update Lil D's room a bit...
but that just may be wishful thinking:)

What are your plans for 2011?

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Sherry said...

You guys have accomplished a lot! I would love to finish up some rooms but, it just isn't in the plans this coming year. But, I am really having fun taking pictures. Have a Happy New Year!

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